Amazing pricing strategy

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Wow, this is an amazing pricing strategy from Amaysim’s subsidiary, Vaya. It’s about time someone made the mobile data market in Australia competitive when it comes to pricing.

Within the article, there is a price comparison on how their pricing ranks against the big market leaders. See how your carrier compares!

Amaysim subsidiary Vaya has slashed the price of its data-only mobile plans, setting a new bottom price for the increasingly competitive market.

The company is now offering data-only plans for tablets and laptops, at $15 per month for 5GB, $35 for 15GB, $55 for 50GB and $65 for 70GB.

With 70GB of data, you’d be able to watch an episode of your favourite Netflix show in high definition every day for the whole month.

All four new plans do not require contract commitments and can be cancelled month-to-month without penalty.

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Photo: Istock.